My Complete Smilelove Journey

I wrote about the beginning Smilelove process here and my first impressions through Week 1.  If you want details on the impression process, check out that blog.

But Y’ALL, I am completely done with my invisible aligner process, and I think the before and after photos speak for themselves.  I’m here to detail my honest complete process with SmileLove.  I purchased the fast track bundle, which means I paid up front and got the lowest price.  You can also make monthly payments as low as $79 per month, and some insurance plans are accepted.  It also means that I was able to get a full refund if they decided aligners would not work for me.  The full fast track price is $1,895… without my coupon.

You can get $100 off by entering the code MSLAGROW at check out making your final cost $1,795 (which is by far the lowest I’ve seen for any company.)  This code also saves you $100 on top of any sale.  You can also click here to order with the discount.



      BEFORE ———> AFTER

Anywho, here’s how my Smilelove journey went:

I was put on a 40 week plan–20 sets to be changed every two week.  (The number of sets you need varies for everyone.)  I received these up front along with a retainer I would wear afterwards nightly.  Every two weeks, I changed my aligners right before bedtime.  They also say if you have pain to take Ibuprofen, but the most I ever felt was a little “tightness” for a few minutes.  The process was honestly a dream.  After a few days, I got used to having them in my mouth and my “lisp” went away as well.

I noticed a big difference in my teeth starting after FOUR WEEKS.  There was a large gap that would appear when I smiled that was no longer there.  I cried of happiness when I noticed it.

Keeping up with my aligners became second nature.    I took them out before eating without even realizing I was doing it.  When I would brush my teeth, I had a separate toothbrush I would use to brush out my aligners with just water (chemicals in toothpaste aren’t good for the aligners, so just use water.)

As the process went on, I got more comments from my close friends and family members that knew I was going through the invisible aligner process.  “Wow, your teeth DO look a lot straighter!”  Before I knew it, coworkers who may not have known and even some of my Instagram followers would make comments such as, “I don’t know what it is, but you look so great!”

I went from “soft smiles” in some photos to genuine smiles.  I realized towards the end of the process that I… loved smiling.  The confidence I always knew that was within me finally showed through.

If there was ever a question during the process, the customer service team was incredible.  As I wrote in my first impressions blog, they were literally always a text or e-mail away and got back to me incredibly quickly.  If they didn’t know the answer, they quickly forwarded my question to someone who could assist me.


TL;DR: I wholeheartedly recommend Smilelove.  I initially chose them because they were the cheapest option that still had some solid reviews, but I have tears in my eyes as I type that their care and process has completely changed my life.  I am not being paid to say those words or even write this blog–this is the honest truth.  I’ve had many people asking after my first blog to give an update, and I’m happy to update the world that my teeth are STRAIGHT (and whiter than ever thanks to the routine they encouraged!)

As you can see in the after photos, there is one tooth that is still behind the rest.  My mouth is simply too small to have it move forward, but they did the best they could and moved it a bit to “blend in.”  I could have perfectly straight teeth if I went to my dentist and had a procedure done, but I am perfectly happy with my unique, new smile.

Once again, you can use the code MSLAGROW to get $100 off of a full kit through Smilelove.  If you’re at all wondering if it’s right for you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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