Quick Tips in Elementary EdTech

I think one of my favorite more recent developments in education is the fact that professional development doesn’t have to be expensive.

I recently discovered OTIS for Educators–an online professional development platform with hundreds of EdTech PD courses that can earn you PD credits to put towards your licensure renewal or district requirements. The best part? The account is free, and the most expensive course I saw while scrolling the platform was $4. Sign. Me. Up.

As education and our society as a whole progresses, I’m truly thankful for the path I’ve taken. A little known fact about me is I have a Graphic Design minor that I earned in undergrad, and I’m still probably the college’s only “Elementary Education Major, Graphic Design Minor” resume proclamation. Taking so many technology courses throughout college mashed up with my major turned into a true love and competency in educational technology. Throughout my journey as an educator and now as an M.S.Ed holder, I’ve done a lot of professional development and research on my own to truly feel confident in my EdTech knowledge.

Now I’m taking a step farther and presenting on OTIS for Educators! My first course, “Quick Tips in Elementary EdTech,” will be live December 16th @ 4 PM EST. In this 45 minute course, I’ll be giving you my biggest insider tips and tricks on how to make your classroom technology make both your and your students’ lives easier and more enriched! I will also be providing a list of many free resources that I use in my own classroom with both Chromebooks and iPads.

Can’t make it live or find this page “too late?” The course is available to view on demand after it goes live!

Stay tuned to see the topic of my second session that will go live in January! It will be a more academic/pedagogical look into best practices.

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