Differentiation Using EdTech

Throughout both my undergrad and graduate coursework in education, differentiation was quite the buzzword. Not only did the concept pop up constantly, but almost no differentiation methods that I was exposed to involved educational technology. I could alter worksheets. I could intervene and extend in small groups. But how could I streamline differentiation, enrich students' … Continue reading Differentiation Using EdTech

Quick Tips in Elementary EdTech

I think one of my favorite more recent developments in education is the fact that professional development doesn't have to be expensive. I recently discovered OTIS for Educators--an online professional development platform with hundreds of EdTech PD courses that can earn you PD credits to put towards your licensure renewal or district requirements. The best … Continue reading Quick Tips in Elementary EdTech

Building Relationships in the Virtual Classroom

When most people think of virtual learning, it's not uncommon for images of boredom to come to mind. As educators during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're being thrust into the world of e-learning headfirst.  It's a daunting world that may seem so different than in-person instruction for a lot of us, but I promise quality connections … Continue reading Building Relationships in the Virtual Classroom