The Self-Care Plan for Teachers

This book was written for you with you in mind.

As teachers, you’re always told to practice self-care–that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t care for your kids. But you can’t do that without the resources you need.

This isn’t your typical fluffy self-help book. I performed countless hours of research and my knowledge of the life as a teacher to create a 36-week research-based plan that can be read throughout the school year that is easily implementable and will make a positive impact on your mind, body, and life. The Self-Care Plan for Teachers was written with the high demands of being an educator in mind and is a practical tool.

As a teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic, this book was also written with the ever-changing educational landscape in mind.


Self-care for teachers is pertinent to keeping them thriving rather than just surviving and Ashley does a wonderful job giving the “how” behind sustainable routines for teachers to take care of themselves. Each week an educator is introduced to a practice to use in their self-care routine and that practice is grounded in research. As I read, I found myself validated in practices I already use as well as given more ideas to add to my routine. This is a fantastic book for all educators to support their well-being in a field that asks a lot of them physically, emotionally, and mentally. Shane Saeed: educator, author, and national presenter

Ashley LaGrow has done a great job of relating to the reader by integrating her classroom experiences along with some of her own self-care activities. Ashley provides many self-care techniques that have been proven effective and are key to maintaining emotional balance. This is a well written self-help guide I would recommend for anyone looking for ways to manage stress in the workplace and/or any other parts of a hectic lifestyle.Beth Stone, LISW, LCSW

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